Steve Piper is an award winning British filmmaker producing and directing short and feature length documentaries and fiction films on a diverse range of subjects.

On learning about the plight of the Scottish wildcat in 2004 he decided to document the wildcat, the Highlands, and the history of the species leading to its precarious conservation status through in depth interviews with a range of the experts working with the species at the time, including the legendary Mike Tomkies who first brought the wildcat to popular attention through his books in the 1970s.

When the film was shot it was only the second time Scottish wildcats had been captured on film in the wild, with the film ultimately acting as a catlyst for the establishing of the Scottish Wildcat Association and the Wildcat Haven project.

A Coffee Films production, “Last of the Scottish Wildcats” is available on PAL Region 0 DVD with a running time of 62 mins and various extras including a making-of documentary and extended interviews.

“Counters the myths about the wildest of cats... Beautiful” - Sunday Telegraph

“A fasinating insight into wildcats and their conservation” - BBC Natural World

“This moving film highlights the wildcats desperate plight” - Daily Mail

“Incredible rare footage of Britain's last large mammal predator” - Press and Journal

“Stunning, atmospheric, unequivocal... Genuinely fascinating and inspiring, 4 stars” - Pulp Movies

“I put your wildcat film on with some trepidation but having watched it twice I must congratulate you! It is excellent.” - Mike Tomkies

50% of profits from the DVD are donated to Wildcat Haven, you can order a copy for £15 (incl. p&p) and read much more about the film at

Steve Piper