My name is Karin Kiessling, I was born in 1971 in Landau, Germany.  After my study of pharmaceutics I started with painting and drawing, but unfortunately I didn't find much time for it because of my job.

In 2007 I fell ill with CFS, so again there was no possibility to spend time with my beloved hobby.

Finally, in 2012 my health improved a little bit, so I could start with some small watercolour paintings of flowers and animals.

In 2014 I began to draw portraits of humans and animals with charcoal (monochrome) or soft pastels (coloured) and liked it a lot. So I think, I've found "my" media to express my love of nature and to show the uniqueness of every creature, human or animal.

If you would like to buy an artwork from Karin, please visit her Facebook page, Website or email. Let her know which picture you are interested in, mention HAVEN and she will donate the stated percentage of the price to help the Wildcats.

Karin Kiessling